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My Happy Place


My Happy Place is a new “shared” project in which we will explore the importance of eating well by cooking together and how it is possible, at the same time, to improve our skin from the inside out through food.

Lessons will be free, online, and in Italian or English. Each week there will be a new lineup of inspiring wellness-focused cooks to teach us something new.

Eating well, preparing dishes and even setting the table can represent acts of love for ourselves and for those around us. Our lessons are perfect for anyone looking for a fun and accessible way to engage in wellness and skincare through food. 

All My Happy Place lessons will be free: it's easy to sign up and we encourage you to share this with anyone you think might benefit. 

What will we cook?

Balanced, healthy and tasty dishes suitable for everyone. From traditional Italian to Indian cuisine and with special attention to intolerances.

Our teachers will guide us step by step in creating each recipe. Do not worry if you feel inexperienced in the kitchen - they will infect you with their passion and guide you throughout the process. 

Every week you will receive an email with the calendar of lessons for the upcoming week.