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Skin Type

Posted by Federica Perissinotto on
Skin Type

Do you know what yours skin type is? No? Read this!

1️⃣ OILY: your face is shiny or greasy by mid-day regardless of the season | frequent breakouts | your pore are large and visible

2️⃣ COMBINATION: T-zone is oily but cheeks are often dry | you have patches and acne at the same time | your pore are visible in your T-zone area

3️⃣ DRY: rarely oily skin even at the end of the day | you experience dry patches or flaring skin mid day | sensation of itchy or dry after cleansing

4️⃣ NORMAL: rarely breakouts | seasonally you experience dry patches or oily | your skin doesn't get more oily ore dry during the day

5️⃣ SENSITIVE: redness or irritation after using new products or with fragrance | you experience eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.


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